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Some of the best Pizza I have ever eaten. Love the new location. The owner is very nice and will come out and ask if we need anything. Have had several items off the menu not sure what my favorite is. It’s all good would recommend Rosati’s to everyone and have 2 thumbs up.

James, Missouri

Had a great time at Rosati’s. Food was good. Morgan was a delight. The Crestview Church of Christ ladies solute you. We look forward to our next visit.


Best pizza anywhere. Deep dish is the bomb diggity. 
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I’m dreaming of Rosati’s Pizza right now. Aw man!!!
Carl, Missouri

Delicious! Love the fresh ingredients on your pizzas.

Ang, Missouri

Enjoying some DELICIOUS Rosati’s Pizza from the original AZ location in Tempe!!!

Squaw Peak Hiker, Arizona

Great lasagna & best ribs ever!

Laura, Arizona

I have eaten at your [Waco] on Hewitt, TX location and the pizza was yummy!
Margaret, Texas
My family just devoured one of your thin crust pizzas. Soooo good!
Katherine, Arizona

I am originally from Chicago Ridge, IL and now live in Riverside, CA. Whenever we go to Las Vegas our first stop is Rosati’s on Losee Rd. in North Las Vegas. We love the pizza just like back home.

Judy, California

Just wanted to pass along. While in Lake Havasu, AZ me and two friends stopped in for our first time. We received our pizza and it was almost too hot to eat which is GOOD! Nice piping hot fresh pizza! That’s a plus! Also within one bite we all agreed with wide eyes this was the most amazing pizza we ever ate. We look for excuses to drive an hour from Kingman, AZ to Lake Havasu just so we can get that pizza! Well done Lake Havasu Rosati’s!
Sie, Arizona

Best pizza and salad in town, our regular weekend outing!

Valerie, Arizona

Rosati’s Temecula is my slice of Chicago on the West Coast.

James, California

Had your delicious pizza last night in Chandler, AZ…we need one in Portland, OR!

Sharon, Oregon

Just tried your pizza for the first time today, delivery was fast, people were nice, pizza (thin crust) very delicious. Thanks!

Audra, Illinois

The best pizza there is!!!

spers Frankie, Tennessee

Craving Rosati’s right now… not so much pizza, but the great chicken parm. Yum!
Jamie, Arizona

Rosati’s is the bomb!! ‘Nuff said.

Mark, Arizona

Awesome..just got Chicago deep, triple onions/garlic/roni..luv it…

Jerzee Jim, Arizona

Absolutely our favorite pizza place out here in Arizona…keep it up Rosati’s!

Brett, Arizona

Thank you so much Rosati’s for delivering my catering order on time yesterday for my daughter’s 1st b-day party. Right on time, delivery guy was very nice and set up great, and food was AWESOME!

Renee, Illinois

Just moved to Kansas City and was delighted to find a Rosati’s near by.

Scott, Missouri

Had the delicious Deep Dish for dinner last night!! My hubby and son both had friends over, none of them had gotten to try this pizza, we got THREE large Deep Dish…Y-U-M-M-Y as usual!! All I kept hearing was THIS IS THE BEST PIZZA I HAVE EVER EVER HAD!!…oh yes, I do agree! =)

Kami, Kansas

The Rosati’s in Fox Point, WI has great food but even better customer service. Those guys deserve a medal

Adam, Wisconsin

I want to open a Rosati’s one day. Best food I’ve had in a long time:)

Ashelie, California

I miss Rosati’s!!! Ugh I was so spoiled. No Za compares to it out west. Man, what I’d do for a Cheef and hot peppers right now.

Reid, Illinois

LOVE the Rosati’s in New Berlin, WI

Jean, Wisconsin

I am 17 years old and have been eating your pizza for over 11 years now it’s been our family’s favorite place and all I have to say is thank you for the wonderful pizzas you have given us. I am applying this summer to one of your locations and I just want to say thanks for all the great pizza

Nate, Wisconsin


Debbie, Illinois

My girlfriend fell in love with your pizza while we were in Arizona recently. We live in Oklahoma. Is there any way you could send us one of your creations via UPS (I would assume frozen and in a Styrofoam ice chest).
Doug, Arizona
I just tried you guys for the 1st time yesterday. Your Chicago-style pizza is so amazing that pizza might not ever be the same. I will order pizza again from you but that’s all. Thank you for some awesome pizza!
Steve, Arizona
Love you guys!
Charlene, Illinois

What a great store…I own an Italian restaurant and grew up in Chicago burbs…I fell asleep and missed my delivery,,,when I called,,,no issues and my pie was quickly delivered…great job and I am sorry

Charlene, Arizona

Seriously, the best pizza ever…I was in Vegas on vacation last weekend and had your pizza and it was AWESOME…come to Cedar Falls, Iowa hurry!

Denise, Wisconsin

What a great store…I own an Italian restaurant and grew up in the Chicago burbs…I fell asleep and missed my delivery, when I called no issues and my pie was quickly delivered…great job and I am sorry.

Mike, Arizona

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