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Step-by-step for becoming a Rosati’s Pizza owner

  1. Please fill out the Rosati’s information request form.
  2. Schedule a day to come spend time with the Rosati family. Learn about the business, services and the food!
  3. Fill out your franchise questionnaire and our corporate office will review your background and credit history.
  4. The franchise review committee will then notify you for approval.
  5. Sign your franchise agreement and provide us with your franchise fee. You will then obtain your Rosati’s Pizza business plan and start transitioning to an independent business owner.
  6. Submit your desired Rosati’s Pizza location for approval.
  7. We will provide you with an initial store layout for build-out and new unit construction. We’ll be there to train you in restaurant development, management, customer service, marketing, food preparation and quality assurance.
  8. Pass your final inspection (minimum 3 days prior to opening).
  9. Welcome to the family you’re now a Rosati’s Pizza owner. Congrats!

Have Questions?

For more information about Rosati’s Pizza Franchise please submit the Franchise Application or email